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Our History

In 1976, Counselors from the Richmond, Berkeley, and San Francisco Unified School Districts, and from the Contra Costa County Community College District formed an organization called the Bay Area Computer Educators. The goal was to bring better career counseling services to California’s students. Later called EUREKA, this group began as an all-volunteer effort, and their first goal was to develop a computerized career information system.

At the time, computer usage in the education field was all but unheard-of. However, EUREKA’s visionary founders realized that putting California Labor Market Information into a computerized format would be greatly beneficial to students, educators, and workers alike.

Their efforts proved a major success, and today EUREKA is the most popular system of its kind in California, and one of the oldest and most successful career and educational information systems in the country.

Our Organization

EUREKA is a public non-profit organization. Our Board of Directors is comprised of representatives from user sites. Our Chief Executive Officer, along with an experienced management team, handles day-to-day operations.

EUREKA has an experienced and dedicated staff of professionals who have years of experience in the field of career and educational information development and delivery.

EUREKA has been ranked the #1 system of choice by Californians for many years. This ranking was given by independent surveys carried out by the California Occupational Information Coordinating Committee and by the California Community Colleges.

EUREKA now boasts a valuable database of national and international career and educational information, meaning people all over the world can benefit from our research. and EUREKA Express was created in 2003 to be the online version of our Career Information System, designed much like our Windows version, used primarily in community colleges and other colleges and universities. Later we found there was a demand for a simpler system for a lower reading level. EUREKA Express was created for 3rd through 12th grade users, with much of the same data, and similar self-assessments as found in

Subscription Based and EUREKA Express are subscription based. Middle schools, junior high and high schools are encouraged to try EUREKA Express for their students. is for high schools, college and other users. Contact EUREKA about a contract or personal subscription.

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